The Kazdin Method®
for Parenting the Defiant Child
with no pills, no therapy, no contest of wills

List of Contents
The Method
Where the Method Comes From
Getting the Word Out
So, Relax

1. Seven Myths of Effective Parenting

2. Everything You Need to Know (Except /How)
The Positive Opposite
Positive Reinforcement
Reinforced Practice
Putting It All Together: ABC
Q & A

3. Putting the Method in Place: Transitions, Tantrums, and a Very
Young Child
Define the Problem and Its Positive Opposite
Get Started Right Away
What to Expect the First Week
Keys to Success
Age-Appropriate Awards for Children

4. Your Six- to Twelve-Year-Old: Supermarket Scenes, Late for School, Sibling Squabbles, Homework Avoidance, and More
Supermarket Scenes
Late for School
Sibling Squabbles
Squabbling Friends
Homework Avoidance
Involving a Teacher

5. Your Preadolescent: Bad Attitude, Bad Language, Home Alone, and Much More
A Little Perspective
What’s /with/ Them?
Pushing the Limits
Family Values
The Art of Compromise
Adapting the Method to Preadolescents
Bad Attitude
Messy Room
After School on His Own
Practicing an Instrument
Blowups and Everyday Life

6. Punishment: The Most Misunderstood, Misused, and Overused Tool in the Parental Toolbox
Multiple Motives Lead to Punishment Myths
Effects and Side Effects of Punishment
How to Punish
A Common Punishment: The Time-Out

7. Special Situations: How to Jumpstart Behavior, Work with More Than  One Child, and Handle Low-Rate Misbehaviors
Jump-starting Behavior
Consequence Sharing
Group Programs
Low-rate Programs

8. Troubleshooting
When You Need to Troubleshoot
Common Problems (and Quick Fixes for Them)
Troubleshooting the Basics
Troubleshooting the Scrooge Scenario
Check Each Other
A Couple of Common Questions, Quickly Answered
Advanced Troubleshooting

9. Your Child’s Wider World
Good Behavior for Good
Fading the Program
Transferring Behaviors to New Situations
You Already Did the Hard Part

10. Parenting Stress and Household Chaos
Parenting Stress
Effects of Parenting Stress on Parent and Child Behavior
Effects of Stress on Attachment
What to Do About Parenting Stress
Stress Research and Family Stories
Household Chaos
Seeking Professional Help for Yourself

11. Beyond the Method
When and Why the Program Doesn’t Change Behaviors
Medication and Diet
Seeking Help for Your Child
Conclusion: Positive Parenting