Articles written about The Kazdin Method®

Articles written about The Kazdin Method®

"Smarter Ways to Discipline Children," by Andrea Petersen, The Wall Street Journal (Dec 2012)

"How To Talk to Your Kids About the School Shooting," by Emily Yoffe, (Dec 2012)

"Connecticut School Shooting: 4 Tips to Help Kids Cope," by Juju Chang, ABC News (Dec 2012)

Parenting that works: Seven research-backed ways to improve parenting, by Amy Novotney, American Psychological Association (Oct 2012)

"More TV, Less Self-Esteem, Except for White Boys," ABC News (May 2012)

"Teaching Children Independence: It’s All About the Next Time," by Shirley S. Wang, Wall Street Journal (March 2012)

"Punishment without Spanking,"
by Katia Hetter, (Nov 2011)

"Q&A: A Yale Psychologist Calls for Radical Change in Therapy,"
by Maia Szalavitz, TIME (Sep 2011)

"Pop Songs:Bad for Babies?,"
by Alice Gomstyn, Mildly Inappropriate Mommy Blog, ABC (Sep 2011)

"Time-Out! How to make it work," (Sep 2010)

"Tantrum Tamer: New Ways Parents Can Stop Bad Behavior,"
by Shirley S. Wang, The Wall Street (Nov 2011)

"Yale Prof and the Finer Points of a Child's Timeout,"
by Sandi Kahn Shelton, New Haven (Aug 2008)

"Discipline for Softies,"
by Nancy Rones, (2008)

"Taming Your Toddler,"
by Anna Nordberg, (2008)

"Q&A: Alan Kazdin: Child behavior specialist Alan Kazdin answers our staffers toughest kid problems,"
by Anna Nordberg,

"An editor of Parents Magazine blogs about her personal experience using the Kazdin Method®," (July 2008)

"Good Parents, Bad Results: 8 Ways Science Shows that Mom and Dad Go Wrong When Disciplining Their Kids,"
by Nancy Shute, (June 2008)

"Handling Defiant Kids Made Easy,"
by Anne-Marie Tobin, CP, London Free Press

"Praise a Child Right, and You'll Get Results,"
by Nancy Shute, (Feb 2008)

"Parenting by the Book,"
by Eileen Fischer,

"When Your Kid Whines, Screams, Hits, Kicks, and Bites -- Relax,"
by Carlo Rotella, Yale Alumni Magazine (Sep/Oct 2005)